Wouter van Buuren


Elevated Trajectory

Hong Kong Island– photographed from electricity towers – 2016

Wouter van Buuren investigated the landscape of Hong Kong Island by climbing into electricity towers and photographing from their summits.

Tai Tam Reservoir lake - Hong Kong Island - 360 degree landscape photographed from the summit of a transmission tower.  The circular image represents the self in a holisitic cosmos. The perspective is a result of a view obtained after climbing electricity tower. The collage of photographs forms a circle. 

Electricity Tower - Tai Tam Reservoir Lake – Hong Kong – 29-9-2016 - 120 x 120 cm

The resulting works are patterns of photographs in either circular or rectangular compositions. The circular compositions are made of photographs shot from one electricity tower. The rectangular compositions combine photographs shot from a sequence of consecutive towers which were all climbed in one day.

Connecting 9 electricity towers - from Chai Wan into the Tai Tam Gap – Hong Kong, the image is a topological space of perception of the landscape during a day of climbing 9 transmission towers

9 electricity towers - from Chai Wan into the Tai Tam Gap – Hong Kong - 11-11-2016 - size: 124x242cm

In both the circular and rectangular compositions the combined images form coherent space-time structures. These space-time structures are topologies representing the visual perception of the artist. The circular images represent a momentary perception of the universe. The rectangular images show a path in space-time representing a field of vision over a time-interval of a day.