Wouter van Buuren

image, picture, Shenzhen – Timespace – following the Hong Kong border by urban explorer Wouter van Buuren, skyline panorama of the Pearl River Delta City, exploration of Futian near the Hong Kong border, cosmic awareness through conceptual art on space, time, earth, cosmos and architecture

Shenzhen –Timespace – following the Hong Kong border on 04-03-2013
left to right– east to west – 7.59 – 8.36 – 9.47 - 11.39 – 12.08 – 12.49 – 13.38 – 14.24 – 15.03 – 16.06 – 18.37
distance: 6.5 km

size: 97 x 178 cm
material: ultrachrome print, laminated on dibond
China - Timespaces - 2012-2013 is a series of photographic work on the experience of time and space in the urban landscape. The work is staged in China's largest cities and is the product of urban exploration by the artist. This involved following predetermined straight lines through these cities and entering a high building every 1 kilometer. The landscape was photographed from the roofs of these buildings in the directions perpendicular to the traveled line.

The positions of the photographs (with respect to each other) correspond with the geographical positions of the depicted locations. From the left to right each next column shows the view in the same direction, 1 kilometer further, 1 hour later, etc. Each work covers the elapsed time of a day.

The projects were carried out in Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013 in: Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chongqing and Xi’an.