Wouter van Buuren

China Timespaces project comes to Hong Kong

In December Hong Kong is the next in a series of cities in which Dutch photographic artist Wouter van Buuren will create his city spanning landscapes. Numerous skyscrapers are the vantage points of his panoramas which are simultaneously serene and dizzying. This work is part of his Timespaces series which already encompasses seven Chinese cities: Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chongqing and Xi’an.

image, picture, Shanghai - Timespace – following the North-South Elevated Highway, Road, urban explorer, panorama of skyline of Shanghai, hong kong

Shanghai - Timespace – following the North-South Elevated Highway on 08-04-2013
right to left – south to north – 7.03 – 7.35 – 9.24 – 10.02 – 10.42 – 11.14 – 13.12 – 13.33 - 14.37 - distance 7.7 km

Total landscapes - Hong Kong

image, picture, Shanghai on 10-04-2013, 360 degree panorama of of the landscape near yonghua,hengshan, hengshanlu, huashan, caoxi, hong kong

untitled (Shanghai, 10-04-2013) - 120 x 120 cm

Total landscapes is a different series Van Buuren continues to work on in Hong Kong and which can be commissioned. A single skyscraper serves as the vantage point and becomes the center of the world in the final work. In December the artist is available to work on commissions in Hong Kong.

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